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eCommerce web site statistics.

SurfStats's eCommerce web site statistics online order analysis can be used to track the efficiency, source and revenue generated by online ordering processes. Most eCommerce online ordering systems on web sites are implemented as shopping carts. With a shopping cart a visitor can select items from a catalog to add to the cart and delete items previously added to the cart. When the item selection is done the visitor proceeds to the checkout stage where he/she is prompted for shipping, payments and other relevant details.

A lot of eCommerce web site shopping cart software offers good reporting facilities for captured orders, for instance sales per day, per product, per product category etc. However tracking the complete ordering process and the origin of the sale, for instance the search term from the search engine originally responsible for the referral, are difficult to achieve with shopping cart software. The eCommerce web site statistics includes SurfStats Website Analytics and the SurfStatsLive Statistics Server products.

Configuring Shopping Cart Software for Order Analysis for your eCommerce web site.

Please see Configuring eCommerce Transactions with SurfStats Products to get a general understanding of eCommerce transactions in SurfStats products and a list of available query parameters.

It is advisable to follow the steps below when deciding to do order analysis:

  • Decide which actions performed during the visitor interaction with the shopping cart on the web site you want to track, for instance cart view, cart add, shipping, payment, cart complete.
  • For each of the actions find the location in the shopping cart source code where the action takes place and embed the URLs (each with the unique action parameters) in applicable web pages. Please refer to Generating eCommerce hit lines for sample code.
  • Measure the effective of the online ordering process by generating reports for the profile from time-to-time.

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