Sample Scenarios

Trials are very similar to opt-ins. With trial analysis the effectivess of online sign-up process can be measured. For instance you can use trial analysis to establish where the bottlenecks are in your sign-up process, where the majority of users abandon the sign-up process etc.

Configuring opt-in analysis

Please see Configuring eCommerce Transactions with SurfStats Products to get a general understanding of eCommerce transactions in SurfStats products and a list of available query parameters.

It is advisable to follow the steps below when deciding to do trial analysis:

  • Decide which marketing efforts in your organisation falls into the category of trial analysis and which ones you want to track.
  • For each of the steps in the trial sign-up define a action. For instance if your sign-up process consists of three pages then you could use the actions "Signup Request", "Signup Page 1", "Signup Page 2", "Signup Page 3" and "Signup Complete".
  • Embed the URLs (each with the unique action parameters) in the sign-up web pages. You can do this with embedded <IMG> tags similar to the ones for the direct marketing campaign at Generating eCommerce hit lines, using zztype=trial.
  • Measure the effective of the campaign by generating reports for the profile from time-to-time.

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