What is eCommerce Capabilities?

Description of SurfStats eCommerce Capabilities

The eCommerce module in SurfStats Website Analytics and SurfStatsLive analyzes certain web activity data from log files and determines which marketing efforts where responsible for the best ROI (return on investment) of marketing money spent.

Transaction Types that can be tracked

Campaigns - Cost per Click (CPC) campaigns from search engines like Google and Overture. Also other online advertising campaigns.

Opt-ins - Marketing efforts where a user consents to receive sales and marketing information from marketers.

Trials - Similar to opt-ins, trials measure the effectiveness of processes enticing users to sign up to obtain product trials.

Orders - Online order and shopping cart interaction analysis.

Definable user actions

The SurfStats eCommerce module goes one step further by allowing definable user actions. User actions are the actions that a user takes when interacting with a marketing or eCommerce related process. For instance in order analysis viewing a cart could be an action, providing shipping details could be another action. The main advantage with the way actions are implemented in the SurfStats eCommerce module is that there are no predefined list of actions, allowing the end user of the module to define his/her own custom set of actions.

Accessing eCommerce Reports

Assuming you are running the correct edition of SurfStats Website Analytics or SurfStatsLive and there are web activity data related to eCommerce available in the log files:

  • Using SurfStats Website Analytics the eCommerce reports are accesible on the eCommerce tab after report generation.
  • Using SurfStatsLive the eCommerce reports are accessible on the Traffic tab, when logged in as a SurfStatsLive user.

Available eCommerce Reports

Currently the eCommerce reports are grouped into four sections:

  • Search Engine Performance. Focuses on search engines and search phrases and their effectiveness.
  • Revenue Source. Focuses on the source of revenue.
  • eCommerce. Focuses on ROI.
  • Affiliates. Focusses on the effectiveness of affiliates.
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