Page Rank Tool

Standard now in all editions of SurfStats Website Analytics is a state-of-the art Page Ranking Tool to easily determine your keyword ranking at leading search engines and assist you in your search engine optimization efforts.

The SurfStats Page Rank Tool performs non-automated searches for search phrases you specify at leading search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.) and returns the position of the search phrase as found on the search phrase. As you have to specify the search phrase each time before performing the search the search is considered search engine friendly. Leading search engines discourages the use of automated programmatic searches where multiple search phrases are specified in a single search.

The Page Rank Tool is very flexible in the sense that you can add search engines not present in the search engine database. This is extremely useful especially for per country search engines or very specific search engines.

Please note that the Page Rank Tool is cannot be used for all aspects of search engine optimization like META tag analysis, keyword analysis etc. The sole purpose of the Page Rank Tool is to provide you with the hard facts of how your keywords are ranked at search engines

How to use the Page Rank Tool.

  • Run SurfStats Website Analytics and click the Retrieve Page Rank button.
  • Specify the web site URL, search phrase and search depth (number of result per search page) and click the Continue with Retrieve button.
  • The Page Rank Tool will query the search engines in its database. The top part of the results table displays the search engines where the search phrase was found on the first page (as determined by the search depth). The bottom part of the results table displays the search engines where the search phrase was not found on the first page.
  • You can export the results generated by the Page Rank Tools to MS Excel, XML, text or HTML format.
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