EmailAutoParse can move the details of an Amazon Sold, ship now email into a Google Sheets spreadsheet

Amazon, Sold, ship now email

Google Sheets (Direct)

How it works

  • A new Sold, ship now email is received by a EmailAutoParse inbox
  • EmailAutoParse extracts data from the email
  • EmailAutoParse adds the extracted data to a Google Sheets spreadsheet as a new row

What you need

  • An Amazon account
  • An EmailAutoParse account with an inbox and parser rules set up
  • A Google Sheets account

How to set it up

  1. Setup an inbox in EmailAutoParse to accept the email sent from Amazon
  2. Send a sample Sold, ship now email from Amazon to the inbox
  3. EmailAutoParse automatically extracts data from the email and creates rules for each field
  4. Change the rules (if necessary)
  5. Setup a Google Sheets Integration and test it
  6. Activate the integration to run automatically

Watch the video below to see how to do this