EmailAutoParse can send parsed data from any email that it can parse, to Zapier

Amazon, Sold, ship now email


What you need

  • A EmailAutoParse account with an inbox and parser rules set up
  • A Zapier account

Saving parsed email data to a Google Sheets Spreadsheet

When your inbox is setup to accept and parse emails, you can add the integration with Google Sheets.

You need to..

  1. Click on Direct Integrations
  2. Then on + New integration - Start here
  3. Then on Google Sheets
  4. Connect your Google Sheets account and select the spreadsheet and sheet where the email data should be added.

  5. Now you have to map your EmailAutoParse data fields to the columns in your Google Sheet. All the columns will be shown and you have to select which parsed field goes with which column.


Now you email should appear in your Google Sheets every time you receive an email.