Setting up URL Parameter parsing in SurfStatsLive

For this sample, use this log file

Your log file would have a request for a file (say details.asp) with parameters. In this sample it would be something like this

GET /Buy/details.asp ListingID=1414966&ListingType=Residential

The listing ListingID of 1414966 should be replaced with the text string Main Street and 1343859 with Smith Street in reports.

Steps to do.

1. Create a new site profile (say RealEstate) by clicking on New Profile

2. Set the Separate Queries to Yes under Options and click on Submit

3. Click on the Report Viewer of the newly created site profile

4. The Report Viewer will open. Click on Basic Conversion Tracking Setup under Options

5. Click on New Conversion Page. In this case the conversion page is details.asp under the buy directory. Fill in the details as below, save it and close the window.

6. Close the Report Viewer window and reset the RealEstate site profile

7. After the Site Profile's log files has been reparsed, click on the Report Viewer of the RealEstate site profile.

8. The Report Viewer will open. Click on the Conversion tab and on the URL Parameter Analysis report under the /buy/details.asp report.

9. The report will show Main Street for ListingID 1414966 and Smith Street ListingID 1343859 .

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