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In accordance with our environment-friendly approach, we only supply the product and manuals by Electronic Software Delivery - no disks or printed documentation. The download link and/or unlock code of the purchased product license will be emailed to you within 12 hours (usually less) after payment confirmation. Contractors like SoftShop, ShareIt and V-share handle the ordering and payment process for us. They supply you with an online receipt/invoice upon purchasing which you can print out.

You can order our products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a secure web server and pay by credit card, check, bank transfer, etc. through any of the payment contractors on our Buy page.

For all our products the evaluation version is the same as the registered version except that the evaluation version expires after 30 days. By entering the activation code for the product the evaluation version becomes the registered version.

Some customers may be new to web commerce and this may be the first time they've ever considered conducting a credit card transaction over the Internet. Internet commerce presently uses very advanced security technology in the form of secure servers and 128-bit encryption. This technology digitally encrypts your credit card information the instant it leaves your browser until it arrives on the credit card processor's secure site. This technology is endorsed by Microsoft, Netscape, and many other technology experts.

Using your credit card also offers additional benefits. Most credit card companies will protect your credit card from fraud. In this respect, credit cards are much safer than using cash or a check. Credit card companies can issue a "chargeback" on your behalf if you do not receive a product, and they can put pressure on the merchant if your order is not handled in a timely manner. For these reasons, experts have advised using credit cards for mail-order purchases for many years. The same reasoning applies to online secured Internet transactions.

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