Compare SurfStats Editions

SurfStats Desktop/Cloud Server

Compare the Desktop and Cloud Server editions of SurfStats.

Product SurfStats Desktop SurfStats Cloud Server
Users Multi-user and/or single-user Multi-user and/or single-user
Installed where At your home or office On your Windows Server at your ISP
# of simultaneous users 1 Not limited
Maximum # of users 10 Not limited
Import from Quicken QIF format
Import from Bank OFX format
Period limitation on imports No limits No Limits
Multiple Themes
Works on a single computer
Works over network
Access via Browser Browser
Access device Computer Computer/Tablet/Mobile Phone
Minimum # of users 1 1
Installed on Your computer or your network Your computer or your network
Shows all your financial accounts
Allows you to categorize your spending
Intelligent categorization rules
Works with most languages in the world
Can import transaction files (OFX) from all banks that support OFX (Download by you then imported)
Works in most countries in the world.
Works with most currencies in the world.
Allows for manual creation of accounts
Allows for manual entry of transactions
Sends text / email alerts
Allows for reminders to be set
Imports from previous Quicken versions
Shows all financial transactions
Does not rename transactions - keep them the same as on the bank statement
Helps you save
Helps you plan for retirement
Allows upload/download from a SurfStats Server to Desktop if you have both the Desktop Edition and a Online account
Allows for 2 methods of budgeting simultaneously - Variance and Envelope
Can budget by month into any number of months into the future
The software does not expire - it does not stop importing bank statements after a period of time

How many licenses do I need to purchase?

For each household, you need to purchase only 1 license, no matter how many computers they are installed on.

Business users should purchase 1 license per user. Business users can install it on up to 3 devices per business user.

  • We reserve the right to add/remove features from SurfStats as we see fit