SurfStats eCommerce Overview and Capabilities

New in SurfStats Website Analytics V7.2 and SurfStatsLive V2.4 is eCommerce capabilities to track ROI on marketing activities. The eCommerce module is only available in SurfStats Website Analytics Professional Edition, SurfStats Website Analytics Enterprise Edition and SurfStatsLive eCommerce Reporting Server.

  • What is eCommerce Capabilities? Description of SurfStats eCommerce Capabilities. Transaction Types that can be tracked. Definable user actions. Accessing eCommerce Reports. Available eCommerce Reports.
  • Campaign Analysis. Cost per Click Campaigns from Google, Overture and other Search Engines. Configuring eCommerce Campaigns.
  • Opt-ins. Sample Scenarios for using opt-in analysis. Configuring opt-in analysis.
  • Trials. Sample Scenarios for using trial analysis. Configuring up trial analysis.
  • Online order analysis. Tracking Online Orders and Shopping Carts. Configuring Shopping Cart Software for Order Analysis.
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