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The SurfStats product range includes log file analysis and server-based real-time products. Our range of products offer you the flexibility to generate web site statistics reports for yourself, your customers or to allow your customers to generate reports on-demand for themselves, on-line, without you playing a part in the report generation process.

The SurfStats Website Analytics was SurfStats's first web site statistics product launched back in November 1998. It was well received by the Website Analytics market mainly due to what it offered in terms of value-for-money. Initially it was launched as a single edition product catering for the inidividual and small business web site owner.

Eventually as the client base grew and larger organizations started purchasing the product it was split into two editions: a Standard and a Professional edition. The Standard Edition targeted the individual and small business web site owners, while the Professional Edition targeted businesses that provided web site statistics as a customer service to third parties.

Even the initial versions of SurfStats offered a lot in terms of ease-of-use, speed and flexibility. Web server log files can be collected, in compressed or uncompressed format, from various types of sources and reports generated can be output to various types of destinations, on-demand or scheduled.

In January 2002 SurfStats released the Enterprise Edition of SurfStats Website Analytics. The Enterprise Edition was targeted at larger organizations who had a need to analyze log files generated by proxy servers, firewalls and streaming media servers. One distinct advantage that the Enterprise Edition offers is that it is an all-in-one web site statistics product that could also analyze web server log files. Other vendors of Website Analytics software normally market their proxy/firewall/streaming media analysis products as separate products from their web log analysis products or only specializes in the analysis of one of the log file type categories.

The SurfStats Website Analytics products are continuously improved and enhanced and as long as there is a need to analyze web site statistics it will have its place in the market. Please visit the SurfStats Website Analytics Product Page.

In September 2002 SurfStats released the SurfStatsLive Real-Time Reporting Service targeted mainly at the ISP market and businesses providing web site hosting as part of their business. SurfStatsLive is a real-time reporting service that allows end-users to view web site statistics reports in real-time through a web browser. It is a product installed on the web server or can be set up as a collector of statistics. SurfStatsLive Real-Time Reporting Service shares the same reporting engine as the Website Analytics products. Please visit the SurfStatsLive Product Page.

Please visit the web site statistics products compared page to compare product features.

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