Website Analytics Professional Edition from SurfStats

This professional level award winning edition of the SurfStats Website Analytics offers a host of features unrivalled in this as well as the much more expensive section of the Website Analytics market. It is the ideal website traffic analyzer for users and businesses who want to analyze the activity generated by their own web site and Third Party web sites. The licensed version of SurfStats Professional Edition allows web site traffic analysis of an unlimited number of web sites on one computer system..

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Website Analytics Main Features

  • Unlimited number of site profiles (maximum 500 recommended).
  • Backup/Restore your site profiles, schedules and settings to/from a single XML file.
  • IIS Import wizard allows scanning of IIS metabase on local and other computers on the LAN.
  • View set Editor to quickly edit Views information associated with profiles.
  • Analyzes a variety of log formats including IIS and Apache.
  • Powerful filters to include or exclude Visitors, Referrers, File Types and Dates
  • Generates output to screen, file folder, ftp or email
  • Generates reports to a variety of formats including Html, PDF, Excel and MS Word.
  • Professional looking reports featuring 3D Graphs and Tables.
  • Accurate Search Engine Spider Identification.
  • Built-in email and FTP client.
  • Scheduled report generation.
  • And many more...

Website Analytics Reports

SurfStats Website Analytics Professional Edition can generate more than 50 reports which provides all the web stats about your site's visitors and the content they were interested in. The Professional Edition can generate the following reports:
  • Site Activity. Activity in terms of hits, page views, client sessions and bandwidth over a period of time.
  • Watch Activity. Earmark certain web pages and see how many times they were visited. Note that this option is not yet available in the Professional Edition.
  • Client Activity. See what IP Addresses and Domains visitors come from, countries, organizations, regions and authenticated users.
  • File Activity. See which files and pages are downloaded the most and the least. Top entry and exit pages, if your site was bookmarked and get detail on server attacks.
  • Advertisements. Track ads viewed and clicked.
  • Browsers and Browser Capabilities. See what browsers are used and their capabilities.
  • Referers. Who sent traffic to your web site, what keywords were used at Search Engines etc.
  • Errors. What errors happened on your site, what requests caused the errors, also server errors.
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