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Report Range: 15 Nov 2005 00:00 - 5 Dec 2005 23:59

This section shows a summary of what happened at your site. This reports include statistics on human visitors and spiders.

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Date Database contains 15 Nov 2005 00:00 - 5 Dec 2005 12:00
Date of this report 29 July 2006 08:58 (Saturday)
Start date 15 November 2005 00:00 (Tuesday)
End date 5 December 2005 23:59 (Monday)
Total number of days 21

  Content Analysis  
Page Views Number of successful page views 896
Average page views per day 43
Visits Number of visits 566
Average number of visitor sessions per day 27
Visitors Unique Visitors 180
Visitors that visited once 120
Visitors that visited more than once 60
Unique Visitors Per Day 9
Average Visits Per Visitor 3.14
Bandwidth Data transferred 20.39 MB
Average data transferred per day 0.97 MB
Most Active Periods Most active hour of the day 4am to 5am
Most active day of the week Thursday

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