SurfStatsLive Enterprise Edition

SurfStatsLive Enterprise Editon is a real-time website statistics reporting service for the organization that wants to go one step further. This enterprise level product boasts all the features of SurfStatsLive plus the following:

  • Marketing and PPC Campaign tracking
  • Trial and Opt-In Analysis
  • eCommerce Analysis of online orders
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Windows Media Traffic Analysis
  • Click Fraud Detection (when competitors click on your Google or Overture Adwords)

For more on the eCommerce features of SurfStatsLive please visit SurfStats eCommerce Capabilities.

SurfStatsLive Editions
SurfStatsLive Reporting Service
SurfStatsLive Enterprise Reporting Service
Additional 100 log source pack
Additional 500 log source pack
Visitor Origin Database
  Note: 100 profiles are included with both the SurfStatsLive and SurfStatsLive Enterprise Edition base product.
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