SurfStatsLive Licensing

If you have established that SurfStatsLive is the right web analytics product for you, you would need to establish the number of site profiles required for each server you plan to install SurfStatsLive on. Previously SurfStatsLive summed the number of log sources on each inidividual site profile to determine the log source count. Licensing now works by counting the number of site profiles for the installation, which in most cases favors the client. A site profile is normally associated with one log source so that is why the term log source pack and site profile pack in essence refer to the same thing.

Log source packs are installed on SurfStatsLive servers, not on the web servers that SurfStatsLive read log data from. Log source packs can only be installed after the SurfStatsLive product had been registered. If you are not sure how many site profiles you require then first purchase the SurfStatsLive product, which comes standard with 100 site profiles. At a later stage you can buy site profiles in packs of 100's or 500's.

For each log source pack purchased you will receive an activation code. A log source pack activation code is machine specific, so you would need to provide the 8-character machine code for the SurfStatsLive server.

Log in as a server administrator, click the Options tab, then the Registration link to view the number of log sources (site profiles) used and to add log source packs, by specifying the activation code of the log source pack.

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