The Links-Tracker application

The Links-Tracker application is a freeware application available from SurfStats that makes inserting JavaScript tracking code into web pages easy.

The application is primarily used to add JavaScript tracking code to web pages for clients of the SurfStatsLive Real-Time Reporting Service, set up as a Statistics Bureau. However it can also be used for other statistics services.

To use the tool you need the following:

  • The JavaScript code to insert, which would be provided by the Statistics Service.
  • Access to the content web pages that needs to be tracked.
  • The Links-Tracker application installed. To install, download from here, unzip and install.

To add the JavaScript code to your web pages, after installation, run the Links-Tracker application and perform the following actions:
  • Click File Types on the Edit menu to add/remove the file types that you want the Links-Tracker to add/remove JavaScript tracking code from.
  • Click Internet Statistics Services on the Edit menu. Then click Add to add the details for a new statistics service. The following screen (with blank fields) appears:

    On the screen fill in a name to identify the service by in the Name of tracking service field. Use the first line of the JavaScript code (copy and paste) for String starting with, fill in the last line of the JavaScript code (copy and paste) for String ending with and provide the complete piece of JavaScript code in the Tracking code string field, then click OK and Close.
  • On the Links-Tracker main application screen select the service just added as the Service to Insert on the right (.ltk gets added to the name specified).
  • Browse to the location of the web pages, using the tree view on the left, Shift-select or Ctrl-select the files on the right, then click Insert Service to insert the JavaScript tracking code or Remove service to remove the JavaScript tracking code from the selected web pages.
  • After the JavaScript code has been added to all the pages that need to be tracked, upload the web pages to the content web server.
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