Single Server Configuration

The Single Server Configuration is the easiest of the possible SurfStatsLive configurations. With this configuration the SurfStatsLive Service is installed on the same physical server as the Windows 2000 web server with one or more IIS virtual web servers configured on it. SurfStatsLive will scan the log files associated with each site profile created and update each specific site profile's database with information from the log files.

The steps for this type of configuration would involve:

  • Planning the installation. Please refer to the Planning an Installation page for more information.
  • The installation of the SurfStatsLive Real-Time Reporting Service. Please refer to the SurfStatsLive Quick Installation Guide, available from our Downloads page for more information.
  • The creation of Profile Groups, Profile Administrators and site profiles either with SurfStatsLive administrative scripts or by manually creating these entities. This is done by logging in as a Server Administrator and performing these tasks. Please refer to the online server administration help for more information.
  • Monitoring the performance of the SurfStatsLive Service from the server administration web interface.
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