Send info from Gmail and Outlook to spreadsheets automatically

Automatically move all your sales, orders, leads, signups
and other notifications, from one app to other apps.
No more cut-and-paste.

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Extract detailed information from virtually any form sent to your Gmail or Outlook account and send the info to different apps

  • Stargate can automatically detect and break down countless different email templates sent to Gmail or Microsoft Outlook because of its unique email parsing capability.
  • It can automatically extract fields from lead, contact, sale, order, signup and a vast number of other emails.
  • If any app sends such an email to Gmail or Microsoft Outlook, Stargate can immediately retrieve it, parse it and send the information to multiple apps.

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Stargate is..

   You do not need to be a programmer to use Stargate
Most functions are automatic e.g.
recognising and parsing of fields from Outlook and Gmail
   Stargate uses OAuth2 Authentication with Outlook, Gmail,
Facebook, Shopify, Google Sheets, Slack, Wunderlist,
Google Calendar and Salesforce
All communications use https to communicate
   Stargate can now also send info to most major databases e.g.
Microsoft Azure Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and
   All triggers and actions except Gmail (which we poll every 5 minutes),
happen in realtime. That means that there is only traffic when a trigger occurs.

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