Money-Pal Features


You do not need to supply your bank details to us. Keep it secure at home or at your office.

Money-Pal Import does not expire.

Money-Pal Import does not expire - it does not stop importing bank statements after a period of time

Multiple Countries

Money-Pal is not limited to banks or financial institutions in a specific country. Any bank statement which supports the OFX format can be read by Money-Pal.

Multiple Currencies

Use different currencies for different accounts if you have bank accounts in different countries.

Budget using different methods

Budget using either of the 2 budget methods, variance and envelope built into Money-Pal.

Budget by month

Money-Pal allows you to budget different amounts for different months as many months into the future as required.

Manage different accounts

It can manage cash, bank, credit card, mortgage, investment accounts and many other.

Different Institutions

Manage accounts held at different institutions.

Import bank statements files

Money-Pal can import files containing bank transactions in CSV, QIF and OFX format

Imports Quicken data

Can import accounts, categories and transactions that were exported from Quicken in QIF format

Categorizes according to rules

Money-Pal categorizes transactions manually or automatically to rules you specify.

Export data

Money-Pal can export a categorized statement in CSV format

Unified look of your accounts

It aggregates all accounts in a single place and creates a unified look at your financial position.

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive reports show where your money is coming from and where it is going.


It is Multi-user capable. More than one person can work at the same time on the accounts.

Share Budgets

Users can share budgets.

Supports most browsers

Supports most browsers and the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

Most devices can log in

Most devices from all major manufacturers can log into Money-Pal.