Money-Pal Security

The Money-Pal App is more secure than any server on the web including...
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Any bank in the world
  • Any government in the world
  • Any other website in the world
  • ..or any other business in the world

..and yet, we make no assurances that we will keep your data safe....
  • We will not keep your passwords safe
  • We will not make a backup of your data
  • We will not keep your data safe.
  • We will not make sure that your passwords are not stolen.
  • We will not encrypt your data if you want to upload something to the internet.

Why do we give no assurances?
  • All data and passwords are stored on your own computer. Money-Pal does not store anything of yours on the internet, not even at online storage providers like Dropbox.
  • Money-Pal does not require you to supply any financial passwords or usernames.
  • Money-Pal is a web-based app  which does not require access to the internet.
  • We do not have access to your Money-Pal data, only you have, as it is on your computer, not ours.
  • Everything is under your control, not ours

Furthermore, securing Money-Pal for access from anywhere is totally free..
  • Money-Pal stores your data and passwords in an industrial strength sql database .
  • By default, Money-Pal is completely offline and does not allow any connections from the internet or over WIFI.
  • If you want you can add access to only people on your wifi. You can secure your wifi yourself as you have full control over it
  • If you do not want to use IIS-Express, simply set Money-Pal to use Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) instead. IIS is an industrial strength Internet Server  which comes free with all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.
  • If you need your Money-Pal data to be encrypted over the intenet, add a free signed certificate and connect to it using https.
  • Add a free dynamic IP to allow your smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers to find your own cloud server on the internet.

So, why is Money-Pal more secure than any of the providers above, even if you access it from the internet?
  • Because the Money-Pal app never needs to connect to the internet. This means no connection is always more secure than any connection.
  • If you do need to connect from the internet to Money-Pal, you can add the exact same features (IIS, encrypted connection - https) that your Service Provider uses on your website on the internet (for free)
  • Using a dynamic IP makes your home PC much more difficult to find. Somebidy who wants to hack you first needs to find your IP address inbetween more than 4 billion others. Any other financial institution on the internet is easy to find because they have a fixed domain name.
  • If you do not trust your own setup at home, you can always install Money-Pal on your file hosted server at you ISP and use his infrastructure to host it on the internet