Stop wasting money

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Access from anywhere
Install Money-Pal on your internet Server. Create and manage your invoices, business and finances from anywhere.
Access locally only
Install Money-Pal on your home or business computer and manage your invoices, business and finances locally on your wifi

Install the free Microsoft Internet Information Services on your home computer and you can even access Money-Pal on your home computer from anywhere on the internet.
Under your control
..and your data is secure under your control.

Just copy the database file to move it from one server to another. You can do that with the built-in backup and restore option in Money-Pal.
It is quick and easy

Simply download a 30-day free trial from our website and install onto a Windows Computer or Windows Server like you would do with any other program.

Download a free 30-day trial
And did we mention? Dirt-cheap..

Money-Pal also allows you to manage your bank and other accounts and to budget