Troubleshooting Money-Pal

Money-Pal is a financial desktop app which runs on your Windows computer and can (if given permission), be accessed from your WIFI or the Internet.

These abilities mean it is a bit more complex than other apps. However, it can be easily maintained by simply following the do's and don'ts below.

During installation..
  • Accept the Microsoft License Terms for IIS-Express halfway through the installation

If you do not do this, then IIS-Express cannot run. If IIS-Express does not run, then Money-Pal cannot run.
Alternatively you can setup Money-Pal to run using IIS.

During operation..
  • Do not stop IIS-Express running in the tray.

If you do, Money-Pal will not be able to access your data. If you restart Money-Pal, it will automatically restart IIS-Express.
Note: You can remove IIS-Express from the tray by right-clicking on the IIS-Express icon in the tray and then clicking on exit.

Uninstalling Money-Pal

Please note that you have to do the following to uninstall Money-Pal from your computer.

  • Stop IIS-Express by right-clicking on the IIS-Express icon in the tray and then click on exit
  • Go to Programs and Features in Control Panel on your computer where you add and remove apps
  • Remove LiveMPSetup
  • Remove IIS 7.5 Express
  • Remove Money-Pal version ...
  • Remove Firebird ..

Note: Your data will not be removed as it is kept in the Folder
C:.\users\public\Public Documents\MoneyPal

You can manually delete it if you want to permanently remove Money-Pal from your computer.
IMPORTANT: If you want to upgrade your current Money-Pal to a new version, DO NOT delete this data as Money-Pal upgrades the data with the new data structures.