About Money-Pal

The New Way to success.

Money-Pal was created when our Quicken Version became too old and there was no substitute for it. Quicken was withdrawn from the European market and as we had a European version we were stuck.

Who We Are

We are a family owned business, managed by two brothers, Johan and Pieter, both engineers by profession, but with a keen interest in IT.

We started SurfStats about 20 years ago.  We created a product named SurfStats which was similar to the predecessor of Google Analytics and sold it as shareware. There are 2 versions: SurfStats (the Desktop Version) and SurfStatsLive (the Server Version) which enabled a business or individual to get statistics on their website. Unlike Google Analytics there is no need to inject code into the pages you want to track because the program reads all the data from the log files.

During that stage we used Quicken for our finances. However, a few years ago, Quicken was withdrawn from the European market leaving us somewhat stuck as there was no replacement for Quicken.

We looked around for a replacement but could not find a suitable alternative. Around 2013 we heard of Mint which is an online personal finance program and thought our problems were over but alas.. Mint was only available for the United States and Canada. Furthermore it only worked for specific banks and not even for all banks in those countries. So, we were back to square one.

As we had lots of experience in writing software, we decided to write our own Personal Financial Software, after all, how hard could it be compared to a statistics program, right?

Well, it turned out to be more difficult than we anticipated but finally in 2015 Money-Pal was born. Initially, it was only a desktop program. By that time we realized that we needed to up the ante and include mobile access for tablets and smartphones. We thought of writing an app for the different phones but then we discovered html5 which allowed us to incorporate access to most mobile devices by simply using a browser.

So, what is Money-Pal

Money-Pal is a Personal Financial program that can be installed on your desktop like Quicken but can also be installed on a server to serve many users like Mint

We have added Money-Pal Invoice and Money-Pal Forum will follow after that

Thank you for listening to our story. Please feel free to browse around.


The Money-Pal Team.