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Dual-trigger apps

  • Stargate can automatically detect and parse countless different email templates sent to Gmail or Microsoft Outlook because of its unique email parsing capability.
  • It can automatically extract fields from lead, contact, sale, order, signup and a vast number of other emails.
  • If any app sends such an email to Gmail or Microsoft Outlook, Stargate can immediately retrieve it, parse it and send the information to multiple apps.
  • Here are some of the apps that can send emails to Gmail and Outlook that triggers the Stargate parsing and integration process. We call them Dual-trigger apps.
Bluesnap - Gmail
Bluesnap - Outlook
Fastspring - Gmail
Fastspring - Outlook
MyCommerce - Gmail
MyCommerce - Outlook
Wufoo - Gmail
Wufoo - Outlook


We are connecting new apps to Stargate on a weekly basis.
Please check back in future if your favorite app is not yet connected

We are also working on an App Editor tool for developers to add their apps to Stargate