Fastspring notifications to Gmail


How to get started with Fastspring notifications sent to Gmail

The email parser built into Stargate can parse a vast number of forms and emails with embedded information automatically. The info from the email can then be sent to the actions in Stargate


  • A Fastspring account
  • A Gmail account
  • A Stargate account
  • An account for the supported app(s) where you want to send data to e.g. Gmail, Google Sheets or Outlook

Specific settings you need to set in Fastspring

  1. Specify the Gmail account you want to send the form data to.

Setting up a folder in Gmail to gather data from Fastspring

  1. You need to setup a folder (or label) in your Gmail account so that the Fastspring data will land there instead of in your Inbox. When setting up Stargate you will need to select this folder so that Stargate can check it for new data from Fastspring
  2. Fill in a sample form on Fastspring and make sure it lands in this Gmail folder instead of your inbox

Setting up Stargate to use the data sent from Fastspring to Gmail

You need to setup Gmail In Stargate by following the default Gmail setup
Default Gmail Setup