Compare Money-Pal Editions

Options Money-Pal Subscription Money-Pal Professional Money-Pal Starter
Default # of simultaneous users allowed 1 3 1
Maximum # of simultaneous users (Purchased separately) 1000 1000 1000
Method of purchase Once per month Once-off Once-off
The options below apply to all editions of Money-Pal
Maximum # of financial accounts Unlimited
Maximum # of clients/customers/leads Unlimited
Maximum # of invoices/estimates Unlimited
Budgeting available
Can budget by month into any number of months into the future
WebServer IIS or IIS-Express
Recurring Invoices
Installed where At your home or office or at your ISP on a dedicated or file host
Minimum # of users 1
Maximum # of simultaneous users (purchased separately) 1000
Import from Quicken QIF format
Import from Bank OFX format
Works on a single computer
Can be accessed over wifi or internet when set up
Works over network
Access via Browser
Access device Computer, tablet or smartphone
Installed on Your computer or your network or at your ISP on a dedicated or file host
Shows all your financial accounts
Allows you to categorize your spending
Intelligent categorization rules
Works with most languages in the world
Can import transaction files (OFX) from all banks that support OFX (Download by you then imported)
Works in most countries in the world.
Works with most currencies in the world.
Allows for manual creation of accounts
Allows for manual entry of transactions
Imports from previous Quicken versions
Shows all financial transactions
Does not rename transactions - keep them the same as on the bank statement
Helps you save
Helps you plan for retirement
Can do Invoicing, Payments, Credit Notes, Estimates and Age Analysis
Can email Invoices (in PDF format) to clients
Can place Paypal button in email
  • We reserve the right to add/remove features from Money-Pal as we see fit