Setup Money-Pal to use NO-IP

You can remote access Money-Pal at your home PC or Business PC from anywhere by using NO-IP.

This is how NO-IP describes their product at NO-IP...

The No-IP Free Dynamic DNS service takes your dynamic IP address and makes it act as though it is static by pointing a static hostname to it and checking every 5 minutes for changes to your IP address. If your IP address changes, our Dynamic Update Client updates your hostname with the current IP address. This means you can run a server from home and access your computer, or IP camera remotely.

The great news is that Money-Pal works with NO-IP. This means you can have your own private cloud with access from anywhere in the world.

You have to do the following in order to use NO-IP with Money-Pal

  • Install Money-Pal on your Windows computer and make sure it works by logging in
  • Sign up for a free or other account at NO-IP
  • Download and install the DUC.EXE program from the NO-IP site after logging in
  • Run the DUC program which will update the IP address your computer uses on the NO-IP servers
  • Port forward your router Note: Money-Pal is on port 8080 by default

This concludes the installation. After signup you will have an url which would look something like this
where sample should be the hostname you have chosen.

To access Money-Pal from anywhere you simply type in the following url from any browser..
Remember to use your URL you created on NO-IP instead of the sample url above

Note: You have to add the /mp at the end otherwise it will not work

And that is it. Now you have your own Money-Pal Private cloud accessable from anywhere in the world.