Setup Money-Pal to use WiFi

Setup Money-Pal to use Wifi

When Money-Pal is installed on a computer, it by default uses the following URL

In order to access it from other devices on Wifi, you need to use the IP that has been assigned to your computer because the devices do not know localhost .

To find out which url to use internally, you can click on the IIS Express icon in the Windows Tray and then on Website. On Windows 10 you can find it by clicking on the up-arrow in the Windows tray, then right-clicking on the IIS Express icon and then on Website to show the available urls.

Say e.g. your IP is, then you have to select the url which has your ip in it

This URL can be used from any device anywhere within your house or business as it is accessible over Wifi.

Making your IP address static

Usually your computer is setup to use DHCP when in a Wifi network which means your IP address will be dynamically generated when rebooted.  This can give problems for the above URL because the URL might now be different. To fix this you have to give your computer a fixed address.