View SurfStatsLive Stats using Bud

SurfStatslive users can now view stats with the free or paid version of Bud.

From version 2009.7.1, SurfStatsLive reports can be viewed from Bud.
Bud allows you to have your live statistics on your desktop only one or 2 clicks away.
Bud can
  • Auto Startup when you start your computer.
  • Auto-hide when not needed
  • Instantly show when needed
  • Auto-connect and auto-login to many different feeds or SurfStatsLive sites simultaneously
  • Auto-refresh the stats or feeds at selected intervals
And best of all....This can be done with the free version of Bud!

To setup Bud , follow the easy steps below...

Step 1.  Download Bud from  

Step 2. Run setup to install Bud  

Step 3. Setup Bud to link to SurfStatsLive
  • Start Bud
  • Right-Click on Bud and select "Add pages and/or folders to bud"
  • Click on "Click here to add a new page to Bud"
  • Enter the page name e.g. MyStats at SurfStats
  • Click on OK and a new page will be added to Bud and select
  • Now click on "RSS Feed" and a new Feeds window will be created in Bud
  • You can now close the dialog
  • Click on the Feed Properties icon in Bud
  • Enter the details below

  1. Type in the website url
  2. Select "Open links in bud"
  3. Type in the user name for surfstatslive
  4. Type in the password for SurfStatsLive
  5. Click on OK

Step 4. View your stats in Bud

Tip: If you want to open your site in your browser, click on the World icon