"Having been in the Australian web design industry since 1996, Stralia Web has experienced a multitude of web related products available for enhancing services offered to our clients. In the history of Stralia Web, nothing has compared to the outstanding service offered by the team at SurfStats.

Stralia Web hosts in excess of 500 websites on a single high speed Windows 2000 DELL server, many of which utilise Active Server Pages (ASP) with a total server data transfer of around 60Gb per month. SurfStatsLive has simplified the process of offering comprehensive website statistics to clients who require this service. Even our largest hosted website, Blue Mountains Web, with raw Microsoft IIS log files up to 100Mb each day is rapidly processed in the background regularly throughout the day allowing real time reporting as required. Having previously used a world leading Web Log Analyzer program for several years, (before their licensing prices went through the roof for web developers), it is without question that SurfStatsLive offers superior functionality, is easy to install, easy to use and trouble free.

Stralia Web upgraded from SurfStats Log Analyzer to SurfStatsLive in December 2002 with both programs running simultaneously on the one server for several months during the testing phase. It was such a pleasure to work with the SurfStats team on the other side of the world during this process. It is obvious that the SurfStats team understands the industry, love what they do, put the customers needs first, and will always maintain business integrity."

Ben Curran
Managing Director
Stralia Web

"Please let everyone you work with know that this product is the best log analyzer I've seen. I've looked at quite a few, too. For the price, you really can't beat SurfStats any way you look at it. Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing what else you come out with!"

Jon Edwards
IT Manager
Pacific International Tool & Shear, Ltd.

"Our company manages over 100 active web sites and as a result keeping track of our statistics can be an overwhelming task. After using your program our headaches have disappeared. SurfStats allows us to customize reports for each of our clients and thereby allowing them to see the really important information in a clear, easy to understand format. Your product has certainly increased our marketability and your support is without question the finest we've seen offered anywhere on the Internet.

We're so pleased we've begun recommending your product to our associates and other hosting services. Thanks for a great product, great support and for helping to solve one of our major problems."

Jeffery A. Hoffman
Director of Operations
The Gilman Group

"I have been so impressed with SurfStats. Before finding SurfStats, I had struggled with various other log analyzers and all had one problem or another. SurfStats is an amazing product, especially for the price! I am also extremely impressed with the prompt responses I have received from tech support.

I have recommended SurfStats to all of my clients and associates.

Thank you, and keep up the excellent work!"

Cresta Johnson
Dzign Studio Website & Graphic Design

"I realized the importance of knowing visitors on my web site... where they come from, what search engines and search words they use, what pages they like or not, etc... My webmaster even tested several traffic analyzers until we found your SurfStat software. I just have to Thank You, it's Brilliant! It's so easy to use, so flexible and it helps me a lot to develop my web site to stop violence against women. You definitely have earned your Five Star ratings! Once again, a Big Thank You, keep up the great work!"

Caroline Young
Safety for Women

"I have been struggling with my statistics for several months now. My provider uses WebTrends. I couldn't get DNS lookups, couldn't get complete lists--only top-10 type lists, etc. So, there were huge gaps in the critical informatiion needed to analyze the *total* traffic to my site. When I asked them for help, they told me to FTP the logsdown and use a 3rd party product to analyze the logs. Their suggestion was to use MS Site Server Express.

For starters, I do not have NT on my home system, nor do I have hundreds of dollars to spend on *basic* log reporting. WebTrends was never meant for the little guy. I wouldn't buy their product if I had thousands to spend.

My point:
I have been on the surf (no pun intended) for a tool to analyze my logs file easilyfor months. I downloaded your trial version. Once I saw the DNS lookups, the country information and ability to auto-FTP my logs down to my local machine, I COULDN'T GET MY CREDIT CARD OUT FAST ENOUGH!

I would have bought your product at twice the cost without hesitation. It almost seems to good to be true. I am going to tell everyone I can about SurfStats.I am so thrilled to finally find a great tool at a great price."

Michael S. Davidson, President
Key Training and Consulting

"Keep up the good work guys !!! I am going to start recommending that all my clients purchase a copy from you. It is truly a high class application. I have Web Trends and I just retired an old computer and built a new one. I didn't even bother to load in the Web Trends knowing the new version of Surf Stats V4.1 is so awesome!!!"

Paul Mathews
WebPage Express

Some testimonials have been shortened and E-mail addresses have been removed.

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