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This introductory tour provides an overview of the powerful capabilities of SurfStats Software's website stats reporting products. It consists of a regular menu on the left where you can select the specific topic or feature that you are interested in.

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New: SurfStatsLive Rental Edition This new exciting rental option provides you with SurfStatsLive Enterprise Edition, unlimited number of profiles, unlimited page views, eCommerce capable website stats reporting and integrated IP Visitor database for ONLY $50 PER MONTH. The complete web stats reporting server software at less than the price you pay for a single profile with 50 000 page views at most hosted website stats companies!

Why analyze log files?

Some hosted web stats companies would want you to believe that...
  • Web Stats Outsourcing is the way to go - no log files, no hardware, no software, no administration, no maintenance, no hassles
  • Log Analyzers are history and all statistics companies now have a hosted edition
  • Log Analyzers are not accurate 

...but what do you get from an outsourced hosted web stats service?

  • Reports that takes ages to load
  • Javascript must be placed on every page that you want to track, even for small sites.
  • You do not get web stats if the Javascript is not in the page or if incorrect.
  • It is difficult to track files that you cannot place Javascript in, e.g. Flash pages, images, etc.
  • Costly monthly service - usually even more than what you pay for your site hosting.
  • Usually only 1 site profile with an extra charge if you have more than 50000 page views.
  • No Robot activity reporting, e.g. is Googlebot is spidering your site
  • No error reporting to tell you that there is a major problem on your site, e.g. invalid links (404 errors) and hacking attempts.

The fact is that analyzing raw server log files is still the best method to track and analyze website traffic.

The new generation of SurfStats Software's website stats reporting products goes one step better because it can now...

  • Track SurfStats Javascript page tagging code for more comprehensive reporting.
  • Place cookies on visitors computers to distinguish between visitors
  • The difference between the SurfStats cookie and the hosted site cookies is that the SurfStats Cookie is a 1st party cookie whereas the outsourced hosted cookie is a 3rd party cookie. 1st Party cookies are much more acceptable than 3rd party cookies.
  • Track visitors by using a combination of cookies or IP addresses or session cookies
  • Easily distinguish between visitors and spiders
  • If SurfStats sometimes make a mistake by thinking a spider is a visitor then the user can change it and it is immediately reflected in all reports.
  • Distinguish between a log file with tagging code and without tagging code.
  • Create profiles that recognize only Javascript Tagging or Tagging and other entries
SurfStatsLive Statistics Server

SurfStatsLive Statistics Server for web sites


SurfStats Log Analyzer

SurfStats Log Analyzer for web stats

What makes our website stats products unique?

Quality, Accurate and Affordable Website Stats Reports
SurfStats Software aims to provide good quality website analytics and traffic reporting software products at affordable prices. Our products analyses raw server log files and can provide additional information with page tagging (inserted Javascript). Our products come standard with state of the art features, comprehensive reports and no additional database requirements. It's low hardware requirements means that it can run on an entry level server and will not overload your pc or server.

On demand real-time web stats server
Our Server products, SurfStatsLive Statistics Server and SurfStatsLive Statistics Server Enterprise Edition provide website stats that can be administered and accessed with a browser. They are geared towards anyone that wants to provide affordable and quality website analytics and traffic statistics to users and clients. It is the only real-time website stats product that provides web stats reporting down to sub-directory level and has three authorization levels - Server Administrator, Profile Administrator and End User. This makes it an ideal solution for Webhosts and ISPs with resellers. It can even be used as web stats server to analyze log files located on various web servers running various Operating Systems.

Log Analyzer
SurfStats Log Analyzer generates Website Traffic Activity and Conversion Tracking reports from log files. Reports can be generated in various languages with output to screen, file directories, ftp or email. It supports most common log file formats with automatic log file format and compressed format detection. It comes with all the necessary tools designed to automate and simplify log file analyzing like a Fast Reporting mode, an Interactive Reporting mode, a Report Viewer and Printer, a FTP Client, a Task Scheduler, DNS Lookup, Report E-mailer, Filter Control Panel for dynamic filtering on dates, visitors, referrers and files, a File Viewer for displaying, searching and printing of log files, a Report Theme Editor to change logos, backgrounds, fonts and colors on reports and a Language Editor to modify language phrases on reports.

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